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This is so important!

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hi yes i am back in dragon hell, please click my eggs so they can hatch

just found out one of the new eggs is called pyralspite, pls help me

someone get on skype with me and judge fabric choices

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This time tiny treekos ;]

i somehow found a nebula dragon in the cave, someone hold me and lets pray that its blue or green

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hi yes i am back in dragon hell, please click my eggs so they can hatch

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Still pissed as hell about how the flight rising admins utterly refuse to look into some cases where siblings were trading and talking to each other on accounts, to the point where they simply neverespond to emails linked to those accounts, but spend so much time reassuring people that they would never ever just close a case without looking into it, how awful!

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Track Title: I Will Wait

Album: The Book of Life





so The Book of Life has a Mexican mariachi version of “I Will Wait” by fucking Mumford and Sons

this movie is a cinematic masterpiece

I agreed about the masterpice thing, but ammm, that’s not mariachi pal, it’s a  genere of mexican music called ”norteño” or ” musica norteña”  . As you can imagine it was ”invented” in the north of the country ;) 

Reblogging for the added info! Very neat and informative! 

As soon as I heard this I was thinking “This straight up sounds like polka” and, when looking it up on Wikipedia, it appears this musical style was a result of cultural fusion between Mexican people and Germanic/Central European immigrants. Neat!



unfortunately it looks like painting isn’t going to be an option for the julian plush shirt. What I’ll have to do instead is get a fabric other than fleece and have it be a stand in. It won’t look EXACTLY like the game shirt but there are some cool ones out there with star prints, so it’ll still look very nice

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