Yoooo I’m finally posting some pics (taken by the lovely Lia) of the bracelets I made Hayley and Lia for christmas! The art used is their button artwork, that I turned into a charm of sorts. I used one of those rainbow loom dealies to make the bracelets, and attached the art kinda like a watch face. They fit hands and wrists nicely despite people being vastly different (I have huge hands, and Lia is petite, you can see it fits her decently) 

I didn’t get any photos of them while I was making them due to my phone being completely out of commission, the new phone came the day after I mailed these off. I’m very happy with how these came out, the colors are bold on the bracelets and the charms despite tumblr washing things out a bit. These were a lot of fun, I hope to make some more later with things like canon art or symbols from different series. 

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