First come first served! Up front payment required since I gotta landlord to please. Inquire within.

All takers will be receiving short (but heartfelt!) piano compositions inspired by any subject of your choosing.

Yes that is Sir Charles Barkley.

He’s not kidding about that landlord part.

Rent is always a stress on us, and this time it’s been compounded by the moving expenses AND the fact that I had to take a ton of work up front so I’m unable to help his part of the rent this month.

So please take a moment and consider a piano commission (they’re beautiful, don’t you remember when Three in the Morning was used in Homestuck? Don’t forget, that and many other songs were done by Clark!  (Like this one, you probably know it, even if you don’t know much about Homestuck.)

So if you have any spare money lying around, please consider helping us both by getting a sweet ass piece of music.

Oh, and it DOES NOT have to be Homestuck related at all.  Got a fantune kicking in your head for something?  Come on over.  Have an OC who you want to get a little tune for inspiration to listen to when you RP as them?  Get it.   Have a really vague request but want to just have something personal made just for you, like a musical love note?  This guy can do it.

Trust me, he’s the most amazing person I know.  (And don’t forget to tip!)

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Hello Tumblr!  

You may or may not have heard something about my relationship with a very talented young cellist, and may have heard a few things more recently…  anyway…  well…    Needless to say, we both have been working so hard without stop since we got together that we’ve had little time for dates, and it’s stressing us out!  

So today I’m offering a special on painted headshots so I can get a little money to take him out for a super special date tomorrow.  

Please consider commissioning something from me, it would mean a lot to both of us!  And if you can’t afford it, please reblog to spread the word a little!

If you want one:

  1. Mail to with description and visual references.
  2. Include PayPal email so I know who is getting what.
  3. Send 15$ to via Paypal!
  4. You’ll get your piece within 1-3 hours of my confirmation email to you!

Thank you so much in advance, and please consider helping us out! <3

PS:  I’d LOOOOOOVE to do Homestuck Fantrolls/ canon trolls (esp seadwellers) and also MONSTER GIRLS!  So if you have those, I’d be super excited to do one for you!!

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As most of you are aware by now, I work at a camp for children and adults with disabilities, both physical and mental. Over the past few years, the camp has slowly been upgraded- we’ve gotten new cabins, and we are currently in the process of constructing a new rec hall. But despite that, we don’t get a lot of funding. I can tell you first hand that families with disabled children don’t always have a lot of money to blow, and it’s difficult to get outsiders interested. That said, receiving this grant would be absolutely fantastic, and it would greatly improve the experiences of the hundreds of campers we take in year round.

A Sensory Room, for those who aren’t aware, is pretty much just what it sounds like: a room full of devices that engage kids senses, which is a HUGE DEAL for many disabilities. Seeing as so many disabilities tend to come with individual sensory issues, our Sensory Room has been an insanely useful tool, even though we don’t have much. At the moment we have a couple of fiber optic light cables, which stimulate vision and touch, and are a favorite for many of our autistic campers, and others who focus on tactile stimulation. We have a couple of mats that light up and play noises, which both deaf and blind campers enjoy, a radio to play soothing music (or sometimes orchestrated smash bros songs, because one of my bosses is ridiculous and the kids love them), some bean bag chairs, some soft L-shaped rocking chairs, and this awesome tubey light type deal which is pretty much a massive lava lamp that can change colors when you press buttons. 

All of that has made the sensory room a favorite safe place for all of our campers, and it’s a fantastic way to calm them down when they’re upset or overstimulated or having other sensory issues. Obtaining this grant would allow us to purchase new equipment to provide for even more potential calming uses, and it would be absolutely amazing. It would make the campers happy, and if you take a minute to vote for Akron Rotary Camp, you’d be helping a couple hundred kids continue to have a fantastic time, and you’d be helping their parents and guardians know that they’re sending their kids to a place where their needs will be provided for, and they’ll have fun. It’s just one simple question on SurveyMonkey, and it would be absolutely fantastic. If you’d rather vote for one of the other two options, that’s your prerogative, but I cannot emphasize enough how much this would help my camp and the children in it.

Sorry for the rambling, this just means a lot to me. Thanks for reading it.








(From what I understand, this is in Venezuela. And this is absolutely unacceptable.)

Looking for musicians


Howdy folks, we’re currently looking for musical artists to provide assets for the comic. We don’t need a whole lot right now but I wanna start looking.

So if your a musician and wanna help out send an email to with some samples.

This will pay, professional’s only please.



I’m sorry for the all caps but this is a really big opportunity for trans folks on medicare to get their surgeries covered. I might have complicated feelings about pathologization, government systems, etc, but this is about creating greater access to surgery for trans people on medicare. This is chance to flood Medicare’s inbox with trans voices saying that transsexual surgery is not “experimental.”

It’s worthwhile to note that the current state of transsexual health care coverage is due in no small part to Janice Raymond’s transmisogynistic agenda and writing that was used to create transgender health exclusion clauses in Medicare, and subsequently private insurance plans.


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Save George Buzinkai!



Yes, the same George Buzinkai who has contributed so much to the soundtrack of Homestuck including Doctor, Explore, Endless Climb, and Firefly has been through a lot lately.

Despite having composed some of the most identifiable and beloved themes in the Homestuck soundtrack, George Buzinkai has been befallen some of the worst luck. In the last year he has suffered many hardships while attempting to pay his way through college to pursue an animation degree with little-to-no financial support. He has had little time to create music between Hurricane Sandy turning his life upside-down for a month and relocating several times throughout the past months.

Most recently his house burned down, leaving him homeless, uninsured, and destroying all his old music equipment. In one fell swoop, Buzinkai has lost all of his work including his Homestuck music and animation projects.

If you have anything to spare, please visit his homepage at and donate to his Paypal. This isn’t a fundraiser - there’s no rewards - this is simply about George’s well-being.

Buzinkai has been a calm and courteous contributor to Homestuck from the beginning and almost never speaks up until he has something to add. He doesn’t vent about his hardship over the Internet - he has no Tumblr and only 82 posts on the MSPA forum - and only brought these problems to us because he wants us to know he’s trying his best to contribute to Homestuck but just can’t find the time or resources.

So if you have a moment please share his site with other Homestuck fans and give whatever you can. He has never asked for a favor of any kind from us until now - we hope you’ll help.

please do what you can to help him! :C

Female Identifying Store NOW OPEN!!



We have finally reopened our store to suit the needs of female identifying individuals as well as male identifying individuals.

We now carry:

-Breast Forms (Everyday wear, and swim wear)

-Pocketed Bras

-The ever popular Vee-String!

Head on over to the store and check it out!

YAYYYY ITS HERE!!!!! If you have any trans* lady friends, send them here for their transition needs. If theres something this guy doesnt have, just email him and he will get it for you!

Please read!!!



Hi! I’m Paige Stanley. You may know me better as hrmnzr or adrimnzr, the one behind such “smash hits” as We are SHOTS CANDY and a bunch of assorted Homestuck fansongs and such. But, for now, I want to diverge from that topic a bit to talk about myself.

I’m a queer trans* female. I’ve been out about this on Tumblr for quite a while, and sorta kinda out about it to certain people in real life. I have parents that are entirely disapproving, colleagues and people that I have to deal with every day that call me slurs and insult me because of this, and borderline crippling dysphoria that makes every second feel like I’m in my own personal hell. Yeah, I know, fun stuff right.

The thing is, right now, there’s no way I could afford to transition, or even to get on hormone treatment. I can’t even drive yet, and I’m potentially going to college early, which will definitely drain my funds to an alarmingly low level. To put it lightly, I’m broke as shit and I depend on my parents for a lot of my money-related issues. Given that I’m still in the long and arduous process of convincing my parents of the fact that I have my own brain and a gender that doesn’t align with what they had in mind for me when I was born, this kind of sucks.

So, I’m gonna start taking donations! AND YOU GET MUSIC WITH IT!!!! Basically, every cent of money that I receive through my Bandcamp that isn’t going towards music-related things is going to go towards getting hormone therapy, new clothes that I actually feel comfortable in, makeup, and pretty much anything that’ll help me get closer to the ultimate goal here: transitioning! Hopefully before I’m 20, even.

My Bandcamp is here. Please consider paying what is possible for you, and if you can’t, please reblog this or spread the word.

To be quite honest, it really hurts to go through life everyday the way that I do. While I’m not really special, and there are other people that need similar things, I’ve seen what Tumblr can do for people, and I think it might be the only way I can ever hope to complete this.

Thank you.

Signal boost to infinity!!!! Paige is wonderful and she really needs help! please do anything you can!

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Okay, so my best friend’s mom passed away last night (she had cancer, and it spread through her whole body and started shutting down her organs), and we thought she’d have a couple more days?? And I was hoping to get some money for my friend during those days but sefsefsf yeah………

BASICALLY, my friend’s dad recently got fired from his job (like three weeks ago??), and my friend is the only one working in his family (at my ex-job, so I know pay and working conditions is shit), and they’ve been tight on money before that, so they really are now, and they’re unsure on how they’re going to pay for funeral costs, medical bills, etc.—they may get sort of help from family, but it’s really unreliable since they have A LOT of family drama, so yeah, they can’t exactly rely on that/them…. I just want to help my best friend out in ANY WAY, and I don’t exactly have money to give them (the little money I have now, I have to save it to ship some things out to people I owe @_@;;), so this is the best I can do.

  • If interested email me at scolipedes[@]!!
  • if you’d like to donate, send over to scolipedes@hotmail on paypal! I promise, promise i will get it to my friend.
  • I WILL DRAW ANYTHING, ANYTHING. Even porn/nsfw images!! I’m okay at nsfw!! but like porn-porn (i.e. two characters doin’ the nasty and shit), I’m not that great, so if you’re interested in that?? email me and I’ll show a few porn drawings I have so you can decide if you want that or not………. (tho i think i only have bjs and handjobs drawings, uhhh)
  • if your character has a complex design, we need to talk over prices!!
  • payment only accepted through paypal.
  • I most likely won’t be able to start on the drawings until after everything, but I will try to get some drawn during whatever free time I get, so please be patient with me. ):

Feel free to go through my drawings and sketches, and if there’s something you’re interested that I’m not offering here, go ahead and email/message me and we can talk it over!!

Please, please signal boost!! ):

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